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The microbic equilibrium and intestinal functions of dogs are often altered by an incorrect and unbalanced diet.  The animals can encounter serious protein, vitamin and mineral  deficiencies, and all problems caused by an imperfect function of the gastro-intestinal apparatus which influences the general state of health, particularly in the phase of growth and development.  Dietary supplements which are not adequate  can actually worsen digestive functions.

The effectiveness of  probiotics made from lactic yeasts in covering nutritional deficiencies (ex.- with the contribution of the vitamin B group) and restoring and favoring  correct intestinal functions has been known for some time and their use is in escalation.

The active lactic yeasts intervene directly in the metabolic processes of the organism, favoring  the bioregulation of the intestinal microflora and, consequently, the digestive functions, which results in a more correct, complete and balanced assimilation of  nutrients.

Problems regarding production and preservation have notably limited their use in the past.  Our laboratories have now effectively resolved these problems through the use of patented  biotechnological  processes of production which enhance the enzymatic and probiotic activity of the lactic yeasts and exploit their utilization to their maximum potential.

These yeasts are available in the complementary feed TURVAL 25 DOG, which is able to maintain and enhance the probiotic and digestive properties of the micro-organisms, preserving them in an unaltered state through time.




The active lactic yeasts in TURVAL 25 DOG have:

·           An elevated enzymatic action,  capable of carrying out an essential role in the processes which involve the digestion of proteins, of fats, sugars and cellulosolitic fibers.

·           An elevated content of essential aminoacids -  in particular, lysin and Group B vitamins, and nucleotides

The developed enzymatic activity completely breaks down the nutrients, proteins and fats, so they can be easily and completely assimilated.


The typified  active lactic yeasts of  TURVAL 25 DOG:

·            preserve, unaltered, the reproductive capacity at very low pH levels, in virtue of their outer wall with a high chitin content, and they easily penetrate the gastric barrier to effectively reach the intestinal tract where they carry out an action of bioregulation and modulation of the microbic intestinal flora (probiotic action).

·           they work at the intestinal level, demolishing the organic substrata (fats and sugars) through fermentation, with the consequent production of lactic and propionic acid (lactic fermentation) which, by lowering the intestinal pH, slows down the development of bacteric microflora related to putrescent and anomalous fermentative phenomena.  They favor the development of  beneficial microflora (lactic ferments), creating or re-establishing a microbic equilibrium also through the colonization of the intestinal villi.


The lactic yeasts in  TURVAL 25 DOG are notably different from the more common brewer’s yeasts in that not only do they add essential vitamins and aminoacids to the animal’s diet, but, by modulating and bioregulating the bacteric intestinal flora, they carry out a regulating action of all metabolic processes connected with intestinal functions, which  helps the animal reach and preserve an optimum state of health.

The benefits are seen both on the physiological level, with an increase in the dog’s energy and vitality, and the aesthetic level, with a thicker and shinier coat.  The stools become more solid with a decrease in bad odor.



The concentrated feed mix TURVAL 25 DOG was developed expressly to complete the daily diet of dogs of all sizes and age.

 TURVAL 25 DOG stimulates the digestive functions.  It favors the assimilation and the utilization of the energetic values of nutrients at the intestinal level, also and especially when manifestations of bad absorption, putrefaction, anomalous fermentations caused by dietary and environmental imbalances are present ( for example, from stress or fatigue due to performance in competitions or races).   Problems tied to imbalances of the intestinal bacteric flora (colics, diarrhea, abdominal bloating) are diminished. The product strengthens the immune defenses and carrys out a disintoxicating action in the liver.

The best results are obtained when it is utilized daily as a complement to the food ration.  In this way, by creating the best conditions for a better digestion and assimilation of nutrients, it can prevent all those problems caused by dietary imbalances and compensate for all those errors of an inadequate diet.




 TURVAL 25 DOG is comprised of (50%) Dried Distillers, (25%) Turval B0399 (typified active lactic yeasts Kluyveromyces B0399, wheat bran), (15%) wheat bran, (10%) dried disllage of brewery. No extra Calcium or Phosforus is added..





TURVAL 25 DOG should be added to the daily ration of food or feed in the following quantities:


Small-sized dogs: 2 teaspoons (4 g)

Medium-sized dogs: 3 teaspoons (6 g)

Large-sized dogs: 6 teaspoons (12 g)


Active,  pregnant or nursing dogs: the dosage can be doubled

Important:  TURVAL 25 DOG should be added to food which is cold or slightly warm (< 40°C)




500 g containers






2 years, providing the product is stored in a cool and dry place.


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