Probiotic BioVal PLUS 20 Caps

The benefits of brewer's yeast and the innovative coupling with lactic yeast
Turval Laboratories have developed and patented a biotechnological production process for the selection and the typification of particular strains of highly efficient lactic yeasts, resolving at the same time problems of stability and of preservation which in the past were the main obstacles for the utilization of these probiotics.
The singular mechanism of action of BioVal, which takes place predominantly in the intestine, is characteristic of the typified strain of Kluyveromyces fragilis B0399, activated by an appropriate balanced mix containing fiber and hydrolyzed proteins, to which the vitaminic and proteinic contribution of Saccaaromyces cerevisiae is added.
The lactic typified yeasts (Kluyveromyces fragilis B0399) contained in BioVal plus, though presenting similar biological characteristics to active natural yeasts (i.e. brewer's yeast), stand out for their higher proteinic content and for their marked enzymatic activity which is able to demolish carbohydrates (lactose in particular, thanks to the enzyme beta-galactosidase) into simple sugars with the formation of lactic acid. This acid, by lowering or even blocking the pH in some tracts of the intestine, favors the bioregulation and modulation of the intestinal bacterial flora (probiotic action) slowing the development of the proteolitic type of microbic flora (enteric coliforms) and promoting the development of the so-called "beneficial" intestinal flora (i.e. Lactobacilli) which allows for a correct digestion of food, the development of competitive action on pathogenic micro-organisms and consequently a better assimilation of the nutritional elements.
The particular property of the lactic yeasts contained in BioVal plus is its capacity to maintain a marked replication vitality even at very low pH levels (3 – 3.5) . In virtue of their high chitin content, they are therefore resistant to the action of gastric juices and can effectively reach the intestinal tract where they carry out their metabolic activity.

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