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SHINING COATS with JOJOBA OIL: supplies the right quantity of natural oils to the hair. Makes the coat shine and feeds the hair giving strengh, elasticity and softness. Very useful before a contest or a show.



Fly Defender Shampoo Neem with Azadiractine and Acetate. Concentrated shampoo at controlled foam. Formulated to wash horses and to protect against insects. The active principle of NEEM Oil, combined with Acetic Acid, obtained from apples, guarantees the animal a defence at residual effect. It does not procure allergy. Insecticides and synthetic repellents free.


HOOF GREASE SANITIZING: With Iodine and Veterinary Cod Liver oil for every problem of hoof. Used with regularity, restore and maintais the right flexibility of the hoof, protects from environmental influences and it helps the growing. It does not attract insects and mice.



700 ml

BALSAM and UNTANGLER: Balsam, untangler, and protector against insects with Neem oil.
Makes mane and tail soft and shining. Helps untangle the most resistent knots when combing.

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11 - 16 of 16 results